BANDLEADER: The deadly secrets of Gig combat, REVEALED.

The dangers and benefits of the leadership position. Recently, during a conversation, a drummer I now work with, had mentioned in passing, that some people he wouldn’t name, from my past had some less than kind things to say about me, and particularly, about my leaving bands and starting new ones, apparently at will, whenever[…]

Musicians: Fantasy vs. reality on the internet.

  In the past few years, with increased visibility, paparazzi, an online scrutiny unlike anything before, the line between reality and fantasy for artists in general and musicians in particular, is often tested, and redrawn. Artists, in what rapper 50 cent, (who suddenly declared bankruptcy, after making over a hundred million dollars, and showing video[…]

“Whatever it takes”: Human sacrifice, and the entertainment industry.

“Whatever it takes” I’ve heard that turn of words, or expressions like that, all my life. Often they were said as a declaration of loyalty, and a hard work ethic. I totally dig that, and have felt that way on many occasions in my life. However, the idea of music for music’s sake, and the[…]

Money involved: The delicate art of the referral. Are they ready for referral, or not?

Something I notice a lot more, as I do more business on the administrative side of the entertainment industry, is the fine art of the referral. Farming work out, referring to someone else for work, and referring them as a substitute when you cannot do the work for whatever reason, can be a very delicate[…]

How it all started: The story of the Tao of Gigging

I was always one of those people but couldn’t sit still. “Too curious” my teachers used to say in grade school, I always wanted to know what the person next to me was doing, and sometimes would walk into the principal’s office asking questions as though I worked there. It would be a pattern throughout my[…]

Introduction: The Tao of Gigging

Gig: [gig] Show, IPA, noun, verb, gigged, gig·ging. Slang . noun A single professional engagement, usually of short duration, as of jazz or rock musicians. Any job, especially one of short or uncertain duration: a teaching gig out west somewhere. Verb (used without object) To work as a musician, especially in a single engagement: He[…]