Musicians: Fantasy vs. reality on the internet.

  In the past few years, with increased visibility, paparazzi, an online scrutiny unlike anything before, the line between reality and fantasy for artists in general and musicians in particular, is often tested, and redrawn. Artists, in what rapper 50 cent, (who suddenly declared bankruptcy, after making over a hundred million dollars, and showing video[…]

“Whatever it takes”: Human sacrifice, and the entertainment industry.

“Whatever it takes” I’ve heard that turn of words, or expressions like that, all my life. Often they were said as a declaration of loyalty, and a hard work ethic. I totally dig that, and have felt that way on many occasions in my life. However, the idea of music for music’s sake, and the[…]

A three way mirror: The incredible secret of great teachers

(Excerpt from the Tao of Gigging©, all rights reserved, 2015, Piero Amadeo Infante) Teachers. I have a deep and abiding love and respect for teachers, even when I think that some of the best of them, have played a little trick on me. In the disciplines I grew up around, namely Afro-Cuban music, rock ‘n[…]

Thoughts on Writing, re-writing, editing, re-editing, and the process of perfection

“It takes a great deal of work to create a perfect ending for an imperfect thing” I see this a lot in the recording, mixing, writing and editing process, and have known people so caught up in a song, lyric, or unfinished story, that they went into a near state of what is called “dissociative[…]

“What happens on the road, stays on the road”? Actually, no. It does not.

Sex, ethics, relationships, and the artist “What happens on the road, stays on the road” Actually, no. It does not. You’ve probably heard that expression a million times. Everyone has. The idea that an artist can live two lives simultaneously, without damage to anyone, is a myth with incredible staying power. In terms of magical[…]