Problems? Bring them here.

(In the past two months I have been away from these pages, as my consultancy has grown beyond my expectations. I am back!  Bring those problems here! Grrrr!) Technical observations: The life of an artist, like the life of any businessperson, is set against the backdrop, of inventory, (creativity), assets, (Product) and liabilities, (obstacles)  […]

Things we lost in the fire: Notes on Musicianship, technology and the road ahead.

(I apologize in advance for any dyslexic typos, as my editor is vacationing in France) I grew up in an interesting area, when technology was exploding into the consciousness of 20th century music. Coming from Oakland/Berkeley, growing up in the 1970s, I was absolutely surrounded by musicians, who embraced a totally organic style of musicianship,[…]

BANDLEADER: The deadly secrets of Gig combat, REVEALED.

The dangers and benefits of the leadership position. Recently, during a conversation, a drummer I now work with, had mentioned in passing, that some people he wouldn’t name, from my past had some less than kind things to say about me, and particularly, about my leaving bands and starting new ones, apparently at will, whenever[…]