About the company

1002080_10151523086898806_2138002723_nAbout the company

From its inception, the Tao of gigging, was designed to be a method of consultation, in book form. A publication, that brought to life, the wisdom, learning, and combined counsel of an amazing group of artists, service experts, and industry professionals, all with one goal in mind.
Higher function.
A better functioning band, artist, dance troupe, recording project, movie, video project, or touring schedule.

The author, and group of people behind the book, who operate wwwtaogig.com, offer an unparalleled range of services and expertise, through consultation. Whether it is a one-stop, one-move solution, to get your artist from the recording studio, to the touring circuit selling merchandise and publishing, or a highly specialized consultation regarding the finite aspects of one particular field, www.taogig.com is where the answers are.

We offer full-on consultations in the following fields:
– Recording
– Budget allocation
– Merchandise creation, manufacturing, and sale
– Branding
– Touring strategy
РMusical direction, composition, and the Speedlearn intensive© rehearsing technique
– Social networking
– E-commerce strategies
– Mastering the art of social interaction
– How to create a band, a brand, and a network
– Catering and dietary accommodations for touring artists

We put together made-to-order custom programs and packages including all of the above.

Rates, and availability available upon request.

Thank you!