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The Tao of gigging is the definitive tactical field manual for all performing artists, at home, or abroad, who face the many challenges native to this calling and way of life. Much of the book is abundant with good humor, insightful observations, road wisdom, crew folklore, gigging music history, and down-to-earth straight talk, from someone who’s been there and back several times, and still loved the journey.

In it, you will find sections on social situations, finances, tactics, recruiting, rehearsing, performing, diet, mental health, relationships, and a wealth of technical information, including glossaries and indexes, and the resource section, with hundreds of tips, and tweaks, and directly relevant to a performer’s life, at home or traveling on tour.

There is no other book like it on the market, and it is an in depth mindfulness and action oriented book, culled from over 100 interviews, 45 years in the field, and deep insight into human nature, and motivation.

Over 500 pages of Insights, advice, strategy, interviews, photos, and more!
This is the book you want to take on your next tour!

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