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Piero Amadeo Infante, (AKA, PAPAMALO) long time Oakland Icon, is a 35 year veteran of the entertainment industry, with thousands of gigs to his credit, whose various bands have garnered him 3 California Music awards, One SF weekly “Whammie” award, and has composed music for over 100 commercials, films and television shows, including “The Sopranos”, “Criminal Minds”, the new hit Netflix series “Bloodline”, “Nash Bridges”, “My super sweet 16”, and many cheesy others.
Creator of the Freaky Executives, and Los Mocosos, With a deep love of tradition, and zero respect for convention, his musical ideas have reshaped the musical terrain in the bay area for decades.

As CEO for Baylando Records, (Now defunct) Piero has signed and secured an impressive artist roster with some of the top names in Afro-Latin, and Caribbean music,  drafted and engaged in international music trade agreements with companies and individuals, and has forged Baylando records into the premiere cutting-edge Latin electronic music label in the US, releasing bilingual cuts in the genres of Dubstep, Trap, Reggae, Reaggton, Hip-hop, Rock, Pop, Salsa, and Banda.

Always involved in community, Piero created the following Facebook groups with members that now number in the thousands.
Firebird search group” a group specializing in finding lost elderly people, often victims of Alzheimer’s and senile dementia in the bay area.
We’re Hella Berkeley” group,  a nostalgic remembrance and connection place for people in the Berkeley and Oakland area, and resource hub.
Bay Area Music Scene” a resource for local musicians and their supporters.
Piero has a long history of working directly with nonprofit 501(c)3 organizations, raising money for everything from relief to foreign countries, to AIDS research and support for HIV-positive members of the community.

Piero Holds two decades of experience running site management, security, and promotions, for large venues like The Knitting Factory (LA), and events such as the Exotic Erotic ball ( SF) and has a long personal history as a noted public speaker, with frequent interviews in Regional, National, and international press publications (NY Times, Miami Sun Herald, SF Chronicle) Public and commercial radio, (KMEL, KPFA, KRQR) and leads The Tao of gigging program and curriculum with a lifelong love of music of all kinds, as well as a focus on community relations, statistical analysis, research, charities, and project management, and a deep background in music and computer technology.

“I think all of this, all these various things I’ve been involved in, trained me to be of service, and the importance of direct involvement in the lives and careers of people around me.
The arts are a support-oriented lifestyle, and having received it so freely over the 45 years I played and recorded, I get a real kick out of sharing with others, what was so freely shared with me. I love organizing and research, and when a plan comes together. It’s exciting!”

– Piero Amadeo Infante

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