Problems? Bring them here.

(In the past two months I have been away from these pages, as my consultancy has grown beyond my expectations. I am back!  Bring those problems here! Grrrr!)

Technical observations:
The life of an artist, like the life of any businessperson, is set against the backdrop, of inventory, (creativity), assets, (Product) and liabilities, (obstacles)
One of the best things you can do for your artistic life, is to divest yourself from any and all ongoing liabilities as much as you can. This may or may not include, old or running beefs, long-standing or new grudges, narratives that make you the victim, and most of all, people who have shown themselves to have an ongoing narrative of drama in their life, or toxicity in yours.
One of the great myths of this process is that some kind of explanation is required to disengage from these kinds of people and situations. Nothing could be farther from the truth. You owe no one an explanation on anything.
Simple two step process. 1: Find problem. 2: Eradicate problem.
Artistic freedom only requires the same sense of daring you use in your art.
Fearless exploration. It works in your art, why not use it in your business too?
©Piero Amadeo Infante, 2016 for the Tao Of Gigging, 2016

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