Advice: 10 Tips for performers in the field

1: Never, ever, EVER, leave equipment or your axe in the car where it will be stolen. EVER. not even for 60 seconds.

2: Always be the person in the room asking the unanswered questions about the gig, pay, directions, and details.

3: Never cop an attitude with floor staff, security, bartenders, or janitors. It’s their club, not the manager’s.

4: Always introduce every member of any band. People are always interested in who is who.

5: Don’t know what to do with those extra drink tickets? Buy a fan a drink. They earned them and will feel super special, because they are.

6: Be prepared. Carry bottles of water, towels, snack bars & first aid kit with some batteries in your car or case.

7: Invest in a strong cell phone case, second cell phone battery, and a car/wall charger. Trust us on this.

8: Install a tracking device in your phone, in case it is lost or stolen on the road. (We use mylookout)

9: Map places (Google maps) that have stuff you might need within 100 miles of any gig and keep them all

10: Hydrate, medicate, eat, and relax at least 2 hours before any gig whenever possible.

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